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Jimmy Russell -- Operations Manager

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is a print broker?
A: A print broker specializes in the printing industry. We match your project requirements with the appropriate vendor to guarantee it is run on the proper equipment.

Q: Why use a print broker instead of going to a printer directly?
A: It is true that most printers can print your project by making the best use of the equipment they have available. Brokers have an unlimited amount of technology and equipment available to them because of their array of vendors and suppliers. The variety of vendors allows us to place your project on the press it is best suited for. Running a job on the incorrect press can cause a job to take longer, become more expensive, and it may sacrifice the quality of the project. We meet deadlines, save money and provide best quality marketing materials.

Q: How are you capable of offering lower prices?
A: A print broker acts a salesman for multiple vendors and suppliers. We get our printing at reduced rates because there are no overhead costs for a salesperson and due to the volume of printing we bring them. This savings is passed on the customer.